Vintage Bakelite and Quality Costume Jewelry

and not just any crystal necklace - a Vendome crystal necklace! Of course, that meant nothing to me at the time. I was at the mall and went by a kiosk that was loaded with vintage rhinestone and crystal jewelry. Although I wasn't really a jewelry person, I was overwhelmed with all that sparkle and found myself admiring the aforementioned Vendome necklace. I had no idea where I would wear it, but I HAD to have it. Later, I googled "Vendome" and began reading about the jewelry and looking at images of other Vendome pieces. That was the beginning of my connection to vintage jewelry.
I started small with relatively inexpensive rhinestone and crystal costume jewelry. Over the years I built my business by searching our ever better designed and more expensive pieces. I saw these pieces as works of art that you could wear, and I still see them that way today. But then I met Bakelite, and I was a goner.
Today my business consists mostly of searching out interesting Bakelite jewelry for my customers (and myself!). Bakelite has an amazing history and is so reflective of its time. I also look for pieces of artisan bakelite, such as those created by Ron Shultz, and I've even begun creating (or upcycling) my own Bakelite jewelry from random bits & pieces I find.
I hope you enjoy looking through my shop as much as I enjoy finding pieces to offer. Maybe you'll find something you love or maybe the perfect gift for someone special. I'm always happy to answer any questions about my items, or about Bakelite in general.

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